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Bosch Timber Floors does not directly install floors. We facilitate high quality installations through experienced, trained and accredited trades who we guarantee will install, sand and coat your timber floor to a high standard.

In more recent times Bosch Timber Floors have raised the level so that for installers to be recommended by us they must be members of the ATFA (Australasian Timber Flooring Association) with preference given to those members who have completed accreditation with the ATFA to further prove their ability in the important craft of installing, sanding and coating timber floors.



ATFA member Level 2 accreditation

Services Offered:        

Primarily Sanding, Coating, Staining, and occasional installations

Brief Background:       

David moved to Perth with his family in 2010 having learned his trade in Sydney. He Has been sanding for 15 years. Based in the northern suburbs David and his right-hand man Rob, do outstanding sanding work on both new and existing floors. David is proficient in applying solvent coatings, waterborne coatings, staining and hard wax oils.