Bosch Timber Floors use rigid plank hybrid flooring on Renovation Rescue

Some cameos from a few of our ever-helpful installers and the team at Bosch Timber Floors

Bosch Timber Floors’ always reliable Dave, delivers the Rigid Plank safe and sound

Antione from Floor it WA makes sure the sub floor is flat  with Mapei’s Fast Track Ultraplan self-levelling compound

Josh, Rick and Gavin get the first boards down. Lining up the first boards accurately, makes the rest of the job easier to install as well as much better presented

Rick and Gavin still smiling as we work late into the night on day one

Antione From Floor It WA  gets to work on the play room for Ollie

Jason from Floor It WA making sure everything is lining up over the screed applied to ensure the floor is flat

Gavin and Jason work their way through the finer detail of the walk in pantry