Bosch Timber Floors use rigid plank hybrid flooring on Renovation Rescue

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September 2019

by Richard Catlin


Help through Hybrid Flooring – a little assistance to make a big difference

Recently on TV you may have seen the story of Steph and her toddler Ollie on Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

Whilst pregnant with Ollie, Steph’s husband died tragically in an accident. If that wasn’t heart breaking enough, because there was no will in place, delays in settlement of the estate resulted in the bank foreclosing on the home the couple owned forcing Steph and her new born son back to live with Mum and Dad.

Finally, when the will was settled, Steph was determined to set up a home for her new young family. Unfortunately, she purchased a home that she thought needed a little work, but soon it became apparent it needed a whole lot of work with all sorts of issues including asbestos in the ceilings and a DIY extension from the previous owner that just wasn’t right.


Enter A Current Affair and a massive team of suppliers and tradies…

On hearing of the problems, Channel 9 decided help was required and they quietly started to talk to a wide range of trades and suppliers to provide a hand to make this house a home worth living in. When Bosch Timber Floors were contacted and learned of the situation, we went straight to work to see how we could help.


Making the right choice with Proline Floors

Our first thought was that this is a project that needed a floor that looks great, is fast & efficient to install and suitable for a growing family. The obvious choice was the Rigid Plank Hybrid Flooring range. We contacted Proline Floors for some assistance and they very generously offered to supply Rigid Plank flooring for the project. With this fantastic offer, we went to the home and determined we needed a nice light neutral colour tone to help open up the space. We confirmed the best colour design would be the “Oxford” which we were able to secure promptly thanks to the team at Proline.


An SOS goes out

With the product confirmed, we then sent out an SOS to the installers we work with to see who would be available to help us install over 130m2 of flooring in just over a day. It was brilliant to have great support from Gavin and his team at Floor It WA, as well as Rick Pagnacco from Wicked Wood and Josh Hart from JH Flooring who all put their hands up to be part of the installation team.


Our boys and Mapei went to work

As you might expect, when we arrived to install the floor, it was teaming with other trades all trying to do their bit to get the home ready for a big reveal. If there is one thing that is really hard to achieve it’s laying a floor whilst there are trades working around you. Undeterred though, our team worked around the obstacles. We noticed was there were problems with the level of the concrete slab where an extension had been previously completed. So we needed to level the sub floor to make it suitable to install the Rigid Plank flooring on. With not much time available, the best option was to use the Mapei Ultraplan Fast Track self-levelling compound which cures quickly enabling us to get back onto the floor within hours of applying the product. A big thanks to Mapei who donated this product to help the cause as well.


A challenging but ultimately rewarding project

Our team worked well into the night on day 1 to get all the preparation completed and a good portion of the floor installed. This allowed us to come back and complete the floor comfortably on day 2. The final result was a spectacular renovated house and the warmth of the Rigid Plank Oxford floor resonating throughout the house.


A big thank you from us

It was a pleasure for Bosch Timber Floors to be involved in helping out on such a worthwhile cause and we hope that Steph and Ollie get great enjoyment out of their new home and Rigid Plank floor. We offer a massive thank you to everyone who helped us on this worthwhile project.


If you like the look of this floor, please call into one of our showrooms for more information on the Rigid Plank Flooring range at Bosch Timber Floors


Richard Catlin

Owner Manager

Some cameos from a few of our ever-helpful installers and the team at Bosch Timber Floors

Bosch Timber Floors’ always reliable Dave, delivers the Rigid Plank safe and sound

Antione from Floor it WA makes sure the sub floor is flat  with Mapei’s Fast Track Ultraplan self-levelling compound

Josh, Rick and Gavin get the first boards down. Lining up the first boards accurately, makes the rest of the job easier to install as well as much better presented

Rick and Gavin still smiling as we work late into the night on day one

Antione From Floor It WA  gets to work on the play room for Ollie

Jason from Floor It WA making sure everything is lining up over the screed applied to ensure the floor is flat

Gavin and Jason work their way through the finer detail of the walk in pantry