Blackbutt Timber Flooring — Perth


Blackbutt timber flooring sample in Perth

Blackbutt NSW - New England

Fast Facts

Dry Janka Hardness

Dry Timber Density
930 kg per m3

Botanical Name
eucalyptus andrewsis

Predominant Colours
Cream with pale brown tones, occasional yellowish and pink streaks may be noticeable.
- note as timber is a natural product we can only indicate general colours as these can vary considerably between batches and suppliers

Colour Consistency
Generally the overall appearance of is reasonably consistent however there can be considerable variation in colour tones between individual boards. New England blackbutt is overall slightly darker than coastal blackbutt.
Timber Characteristics
Usually straight grain, pin holes and gum veins are present in this timber. The appearance of gum veins and pin holes is reduced in the higher grades of the timber.

What's good about this timber
A slightly warmer feel than coastal blackbutt.
Neutral tones make it easy to fit in with many different colour schemes.
What to be wary of with this timber
Colour presentation of this timber will vary from different timber mills so be sure to see a sample that is representative. Colour presentation of the timber will change significantly between a solvent and waterborne coating.

bosch timber floors Verdict!
A slight variation on what most people think of when they consider blackbutt timber, but certainly an interesting and popular alternative with our customers.