Perth's Engineered Timber Flooring Resource

Engineered timber floors are fast becoming a great alternative to solid timber. Essentially an engineered timber floor is a genuine timber floor made up of several cross laminated layers. This provides excellent stability for the timber floor as the cross-laminated formation significantly reduces expansion and contraction of the timber floor in the changing climatic environments.
Engineered Floors traditionally have a 3mm top wear layer. This provides the ability for the timber floor to be re-sanded once or twice after its initial installation.

New variations of engineered timber floors are now available including a product with a 0.6mm wear layer making the product less expensive, and the luxurious straightwood with a 5mm wear layer that can be re-sanded the same number of times as a solid timber floor but with the advantage of superior stability. Available in the wider 130mm and 180mm boards, straightwood is the perfect balance between engineered and solid timber.

The features of engineered floors are;

1 A wider timber board look can be achieved at a cheaper price than using traditional solid timber providing excellent value for money

2 As a prefinished product it can be installed into small spaces or multi level homes with a minimum of fuss. Prefinished engineered flooring can be walked on within 24 hours of installation

3 As a result of its manufactured make-up, engineered timber floors tend to be more stable and less prone to movement once installed on floors. This is of particular benefit for the wide board products as traditional timber can be more prone to movement in changing seasonal environments

4 It enables better use of timber resources by utilising less timber per m2 than a traditional 19mm T&G and 12mm timber overlay products

Engineered flooring can be installed in two different ways;

 - It can be installed using the direct stick method (direct to concrete or other substrates) which results in the floor being a similar level to other floor coverings in your home such as carpet or tiles. This method gives a very similar finish to overlay timber products and is quieter to walk on like solid timber floors

 - It can be installed as a floating floor which is easier and a cheaper method however the final result whilst feeling softer under foot generally leave the product with a hollow louder sound when being walked on in shoes. This sound can be reduced by the use of an acoustic underlay which comes at a small additional cost

bosch timber floors recommend the direct stick method of installation as it provides a much improved finished product that is comparable with solid timber flooring.