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Janka rating

Coastal 9.1, New England 9.5, WA 6.9

Botanical name

eucalyptus pilularis (coastal blackbutt)

eucalyptus andrewsii (new england blackbutt)

eucalyptus patens (WA blackbutt)

Predominant colour tones

Cream with pale brown tones, occasional yellowish and pink streaks may be noticeable. Generally, the overall appearance of Blackbutt floors is a reasonably consistent colour however there can be considerable variation in colour tones between individual boards. The New England and WA Blackbutt species tend to be slightly darker in overall appearance than Coastal Blackbutt.

(note as timber is a natural product we can only indicate general colours as these can vary considerably between batches and suppliers)

Timber characteristics

Usually straight grain, pin holes and gum veins can be present in this timber. The appearance of gum veins and pin holes is reduced in the higher grades of the timber

Surface checking (appearance of splitting timber) is common in the feature grade of this timber

What’s good about this timber

The hardest of the light coloured timbers (coastal blackbutt)

A very well-known timber and will add value for resale of your home given its popularity

Neutral tones make it easy to fit in with many different colour schemes

What to be wary of with this timber

Not all Blackbutt is the same, as noted above. Make sure your supplier is clear on the Blackbutt species they are offering to you.

Colour presentation of this timber will vary from different timber mills so be sure to see a sample that is representative

Colour presentation of the timber will change significantly between a solvent and waterborne coating systems


Timber Floor Type Availability
solid timber floors Yes, in many grades and widths
engineered timber floors Yes, commonly available
parquetry Yes, commonly available
laminate / vinyl plank / rigid plank Yes, commonly available

Bosch Timber Floors Verdict

This is our biggest selling timber because it looks so good and works well with a wide range of home designs and spaces. Speak to one of our consultants to work out which Blackbutt timber floor option will work best for your home.


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