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Sydney Blue Gum
Just like Jarrah only lighter

Sydney Blue Gum – fast facts



Janka rating


Botanical name

Eucalyptus saligna

Predominant colour tones

Mid to Dark pink to red brown, generally the overall appearance is a reasonably consistent colour however there can be variation in colour tones between individual boards

(note as timber is a natural product we can only indicate general colours as these can vary considerably between batches and suppliers)

Timber characteristics

Texture moderately coarse and even, grain straight or slightly interlocked, occasional gum veins and worm “squiggle” features

What’s good about this timber

Red tones in this timber are somewhat lighter than Jarrah flooring so it can be used in smaller spaces without making them feel closed in

This timber is a great contrast to Jarrah or other dark furniture

What to be wary of with this timber

This timber can appear “pink” in colour in some settings so it is important to match it to the correct colour palette of the decor

Colour presentation of the timber will change significantly between a solvent and waterborne coating


Timber Floor Type Availability
solid timber floors Yes, in many grades and widths
engineered timber floors Yes, generally available
parquetry Yes, commonly available
laminate / vinyl plank / rigid plank Occasionally available

Bosch Timber Floors verdict!

We think of this timber as a lighter version of jarrah in colour making it a more suited for smaller areas.


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