Grey Timber Floors – Brilliant Design Trend or Fashion Faux Pas?

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October 2019

by Richard Catlin


Grey Timber Floors – Brilliant Design Trend or Fashion Faux Pas

When we look to create the interiors of our new homes and renovations, there is a fine line between “on trend” and creating a look that falls out of fashion the week after it is finished.

However, if you are installing solid timber floors there are easy ways to re-work your floor into new trends as they change

The great thing about timber floors is that they are a timeless product that will not only look good now but through the magic of staining and other floor coating options, can be reworked to create different looks now and in the future.

Grey Timber Floors certainly fit into the “on trend” category currently and customers are regularly asking us about the options to create a grey timber floor. Whilst there are no real timbers that are predominantly grey, there are species that will have the occasional grey hue, whilst timber stains can be used to turn timbers into many (but not 50) shades of grey to achieve the particular overall desired look.

Staining timber is an artform

Staining timber is an artform with different stains and mixes resulting in different outcomes on different timber species. Before entering into a staining project, make sure you talk to your professional sander about the look you want to create so that he or she can prepare samples for your approval before the job gets underway. Good sanders will work with customers to find that just right colour that ticks all the boxes.

With your new grey timber floor (or any other hue to wish to achieve) in place and matching perfectly with the colour palette of your home, you can enjoy the floor for many years. If however you decide this colour no longer suits your requirements, you have the option to sand back your solid timber floor and either clear coat it to the natural colour of the timber or stain it again in your new favourite colour tone.

For more information about timber floors or even fashion faux pas, speak to the experienced team at Bosch Timber Floors and we’ll be more than happy to assist.



Richard Catlin

Owner Manager


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