Is this the Blackbutt Timber Floor You Were Expecting?

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August 2019

by Richard Catlin


One of the most common questions we receive at Bosch Timber Floors is “How much does a blackbutt timber floor cost?”

It’s a sensible question but the answer is not so straight forward.

The reason for this is that there are many aspects to timbers floors that will change the price as well as significantly impacting on how the floor looks and functions.

To answer this question accurately we need to know:

  • The customer’s preferred timber grade and the width of the timber they want
  • The installation method
  • The type of coating

And in some cases, they may actually want an engineered timber or laminate floor and not a solid timber floor.

To make things even more interesting, when it comes to Blackbutt, there is even more than one type of timber that is known as Blackbutt!

There’s NSW Coastal Blackbutt, NSW New England Blackbutt, WA Blackbutt and there is the occasional sales person (who would not get a job at Bosch Timber Floors) who is careless with the truth and will try to sell you “Pacific Blackbutt”. This is a way of trying to make a cheaper imported timber sound better to unsuspecting customers who just want to get a Blackbutt floor like the one they saw at their friend’s house.




So the answer to that question could be anywhere from $55 m2 for an entry level laminate floor, all the way through to over $300 m2 for a custom designed parquetry pattern installed as a plank on ply system over an acoustic underlay!

Therefore, if you’re asking this question when you visit a showroom, you want to be sure that the sales person serving you is asking you questions to find out exactly what you are looking for and explaining the differences of each of these options. Then you can be comfortable that the business you are dealing with is treating you like an important customer and not just another sale.

We take the time to help you understand the various types of Blackbutt

When you are putting floor coverings in your home, you are spending a considerable amount of money, and it’s a great investment in your home, so spend a little extra time with a specialist consultant so that they can help you through the process to make sure you get the timber floor you want at a fair price.

For more information about choosing your Blackbutt timber floor, speak to the experienced team at Bosch Timber Floors and we’ll guide you through the process.



Richard Catlin

Owner Manager

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