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Hybrid Timber Flooring

Hybrid Timber Flooring is a great product innovation that has successfully combined the benefits of laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring with an authentic timber look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Essentially Hybrid flooring has a core of limestone and PVC that does not absorb moisture whilst being very durable. The top layer is made up of vinyl together with a hard-wearing clear top layer whilst most products also contain a built-in underlay on the bottom of each board. The final result is a “Hybrid floor” with the best benefits of laminate and vinyl plank flooring alternatives.

Traditionally, laminate flooring has a reputation for being noisy underfoot and suspectable deterioration when too much moisture is present. Hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof and much quieter underfoot.

Similarly, vinyl plank flooring has always required a high degree of sub floor preparation followed by a full trowel of adhesive making it a little more of a complex to install. Hybrid Flooring requires little to no subfloor preparation and is installed complete with a built-in underlay in one easy step with no adhesive or additional underlays required.

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