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WA's favourite timber

Jarrah – fast facts



Janka rating


Botanical name

eucalyptus marginata

Predominant colour tones

Medium to dark red/brown with occasional pale sapwood. Generally, the overall appearance of Jarrah floors is a reasonably consistent colour however there can be considerable variation in colour tones between individual boards.

(note as timber is a natural product we can only indicate general colours as these can vary considerably between batches and suppliers)

Timber characteristics

Grain tends to be interlocked or wavy with a medium to coarse texture. Some boards can contain gum pockets or streaks as a naturally-occurring defect. Jarrah can also exhibit a curly figure.

What’s good about this timber

Classic local WA timber that is easily accessible.

As a local timber Jarrah is very well priced.

The Brown Red tones of Jarrah add warmth to a room particularly where the rest of the décor is predominantly white.

What to be wary of with this timber

As a darker floor, this timber can make small areas feel a little closed in. It works best in large open spaces.

Newer Jarrah from regrowth plantations tends to be overall lighter than old growth Jarrah used in older homes so it is important to consider this if extending an home that already has older Jarrah timber.

Colour presentation of the timber will change significantly between a solvent and waterborne coating systems.


Timber Floor Type Availability
solid timber floors Yes, in many grades and widths
engineered timber floors Yes, commonly available
parquetry Yes, commonly available
laminate / vinyl plank / rigid plank Not common as red tones are hard
to reproduce in laminate and vinyl designs

Bosch Timber Floors verdict

A great timber and a favourite in WA. Jarrah is one of our top 4 selling timbers and easily the most popular timber with red tones.


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