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Spotted Gum
Great looking & hard wearing

Spotted Gum  – fast facts 



Janka rating


Botanical name

corymbia maculate

Predominant colour tones

Predominantly mid to dark brown tones with occasional cream, chocolate and grey tones. Spotted Gum generally exhibits and wide variation in colour tones across the floor

(note as timber is a natural product we can only indicate general colours as these can vary considerably between batches and suppliers)

Timber characteristics

Grain variable, frequent presence of wavy grain produces attractive fiddleback feature, gum vein present but not predominant.

What’s good about this timber

A very hard wearing timber perfect for high traffic areas

Wide ranging colour tones makes for a floor that is the feature within a room

What to be wary of with this timber

The wide range of colours throughout this timber may not suit some spaces looking for a subtle design

There is a considerable difference in Queensland Spotted Gum to NSW Spotted Gum which is much lighter so it is important to know the origin of the timber you are purchasing

Timber floor type availability 

Timber Floor Type Availability
solid timber floors Yes, commonly available
engineered timber floors Yes, commonly available
parquetry Yes, commonly available
laminate / vinyl plank / rigid plank Yes, commonly available


Bosch Timber Floors Verdict

A very popular timber for families that want a floor that can take punishment. The interesting colour variations also add great appeal.


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