Brushbox Timber Floors - Perth

A rich array of colours

Brushbox  – fast facts



Janka rating


Botanical name

Lophostemon confertus

Predominant colour tones

Pinkish grey to reddish brown tones, sapwood distinctively paler, Noticeable variations in colour across the floor

(note as timber is a natural product we can only indicate general colours as these can vary considerably between batches and suppliers)

Timber characteristics

Texture fine and even, grain usually interlocked to varying degrees

What’s good about this timber

Stunning colour variations make this a timber that will stand out in any space

Brushbox has a natural resistance to splintering due to its waxy feel

What to be wary of with this timber

The presence of arjunolic acid in this timber can result in some coating or adhesive systems not sticking well. It is important that an experienced contractor understands the best and most appropriate coating systems to use to ensure the best result for this timber

As this timber is not widely available it tends to be more expensive than other timbers.

Timber floor type availability 

Timber Floor Type Availability

solid timber floors

Yes, in many grades and widths

engineered timber floors

Occasionally available


Commonly available

laminate / vinyl plank / rigid plank

 Generally available

Bosch Timber Floors verdict!

Brush box is not widely available, so if this appearance to your liking, it is best to place your order early. It will bring any space to life with its rich array of colour tones.

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