How do I know if my timber floor is actually a timber floor?

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July 2018

by Richard Catlin


How do I know if my timber floor is actually a timber floor?

Unfortunately, a side effect of the digital age we now live in is that there is so much information available to us, it can be hard to see the “wood from the trees” (excuse the pun) or in this case to know the timber floor from the vinyl floor that looks like timber.

There are a number of different types of floors that people often refer to as a “timber floor” which can become confusing.


Here is a brief summary of the main types of floors that people refer to as timber floors;

Solid Timber Flooring – is what most people are thinking when they talk about timber floors. Solid timber floors can be installed directly to concrete (generally 10 to 14mm in thickness) or on battens and joists (where the timber must be 19mm thickness).

Solid timber floors are the ultimate in the timber flooring family.

See more information on them by clicking here

Engineered Timber Flooring – uses real timber in a more sustainable way to achieve a solid timber floor appearance. Engineered timber is manufactured using a plywood type of construction where a number of layers of timber (called lamellas) are pressed together and then cut into board lengths similar to solid timber boards. See more information on this floor type by clicking here

Bamboo Flooring – is an innovative way to use the bamboo plant and manufacture it into a board that has a similar appearance to a timber floor. Bamboo has its own distinct look but is often compared to and considered part of the timber flooring group of products.

Laminate Flooring – is an alternative to timber when wanting to achieve a timber look in your home but without the high cost of real timber. It is a composite product of a high density fibreboard substrate with a resin impregnated paper with a realistic wood design, and a hardwearing top layer that provides excellent wear resistance. For more information on Laminate flooring click on this link

Vinyl Plank Flooring – is an outstanding reproduction of the timber look with the benefits of great function at a more affordable cost. It is supplied in dimensions similar to laminate flooring of approximately 1.2 to 1.5 metre lengths. Vinyl Plank Flooring has some great benefits over other timber flooring options, – it is very quiet and softer underfoot, it has greater resistance to liquid spills (making it suitable for installation in bathrooms), and it is well priced. For more information on this option click here 




Once you understand the difference between the types of timber floors, you are in a better position to know which type of floor you would like to find out more about when you visit showrooms.

For more information about choosing your solid timber floor, speak to the experienced team at Bosch Timber Floors and we’ll guide you through the process.



Richard Catlin

Owner Manager


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