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Bosch Timber Floors accept goods back for refund within 30 days of purchase provided they are still of re-saleable quality. A 10% restocking fee applies for flooring products where there is a cost to the business to return the goods to their stock location. Custom manufactured flooring products cannot be returned for credit.


In addition to our legal statuary warranty obligations, Bosch Timber Floors also provide the following guarantee in relation to its products and services:


  • All timber supplied out of Bosch Timber Floors accurately reflects the timber species and grade ordered.


  • All timber supplied is traceable by pack number back to the timber mill of supply to enable confirmation of the timber and grade supplied.


  • All timber supplied out of Bosch Timber Floors is tested for moisture content prior to dispatch to ensure it is within Australian Standards and suitable for installation.


  • All timber supplied is delivered into the customers home environment to enable acclimatisation where appropriate and ensuring the timber is not exposed to extreme weather conditions.


  • All timber supplied is from reputable manufacturers who provide appropriate warranties on their products. Bosch Timber Floors promptly investigate and action any appropriate concerns on timber faults on behalf of its customers.


  • Bosch Timber Floors facilitate installations of timber floors through experienced trade installers and sanders. We work only with selected professionals whose work we know and trust. We regularly inspect the finished work of installers to ensure that the finished floors continue to present to acceptable industry standards.


  • Under guidelines provided by the Building Commission of WA, consumers have protection on the quality of workmanship of installations for up to 6 years from the date of installation. Bosch Timber Floors will at all times facilitate resolution of any problems or issues experienced by customers prior to and after supply and installation of their timber floors through contractors.


  • Bosch Timber Floors supports and recommends only approved adhesive and coating systems from reputable manufacturers. We require that any installer we recommend, applies systems in line with manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure that warranties are protected for these products. Bosch Timber Floors will facilitate any appropriate claims on adhesive and coating system faults through the manufacturers on behalf of its customers.


  • Return freight to be paid by the customer.

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